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Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 46086)


Why 6Degrees Financial services (Pty) Ltd?

Experienced Knowledge

Exceeds FAIS competency requirements


The company is independent of all insurance product providers therefore allowing us
to provide the best advice and intermediary services without compromising the
interests of our clients

Professional Standards

Complies with Insurance Institute of Southern Africa’s Code of Ethics and
Professional Responsibility
Member of Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA)


We are able to obtain competitive quotations from most major insurance companies
in South Africa thereby ensuring the best “value for money” products for our clients.


Independent representative to find the best policy by comparison shopping.

Assist with obtaining products that are appropriate for objectives and risk

Investigate the risks regularly encountered by a prospective client

Conduct an analysis, for purpose of the advise, based on the information obtained

Advise on types of policies available for each type of risk

Act as an intermediary between clients and insures (process of buying and managing product; and claims submission)

Our Insurance Partners