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Insurance Broking

If a claim is made against your business by a consumer or member of the public, your business may face the liability risk of being sued for public injury.

Third party claims may be made if an injury is sustained on your premises, illness, death, a defective product is purchased or if you damage someone else’s property.

To protect yourself and your business we will ensure that your premises, operations and people are protected against any claims be it public, product, or employers liabilities.

Professional Indemnity

If one provides a professional service in a specialised field such as engineering, accounting, law, architectural, media, technology; one could be legally liable for wrongful act, error, omission, misleading and inaccurate information, breach of confidentiality, breach of contract, unintentional intellectual property infringement, defamation, etc.

Professional indemnity insurance covers sole proprietors/traders and all business.

Contractors liability

It has become increasingly necessary for contractors to be insured on liabilities arising from projects (e.g. buildings, warehouses, malls, roads, dams, sewerage reticulation, pipelines) from design to build.

The coverage may cover contractors’ all risks, erection all risks, contractors’ third party liability, advance loss of projects, engineering project insurance cover, punitive damages, reporting provision, pollution incidents, joint venture coverage, predecessor coverage, insured expense disbursements at a day-rate, machinery breakdown, plant all risks, electronic equipment, civil engineering completed risks, etc.

This also covers a wide array of cover from fire, explosion, natural disaster, accidental damage and theft.

Exhibitors liability

We cover your display and exhibit stall resulting from damage. This also includes third party claims against injury or damage resulting from your exhibit and stall.

Food Poisoning Liability

We insure businesses where any food sold or supplied causes food poisoning.

The food consumed on your premises or away from your premises.

Security service liability

Security service is a risky business especially with the high-levels of crime, there is no guarantee o prediction of outcome and this is why insurance is needed in this industry.

Security service liability covers your business and employees arising from duty, namely, injury to persons, damage to property, wrongful arrest.

The coverage also includes static guards , dogs at domestic, commercial and industrial premises, control of access to premises, private body guarding, cash in transit and personnel protection, crowd control, parking, VIP, concerts, and exhibitions.

Construction All Risks and Erection All Risk

Construction All Risk covers loss and damage in respect of construction works, plant, equipment, machinery and third party claims in respect of property damage or personal injury arising from the construction project.

This also provides a material damage cover and maintenance period coverage.

The Erection All Risk provides insurance for the different types of risks associated with erection, testing, commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment during the construction phase.

The sum should not be less than the contract price and completely erected value of the property inclusive of freight, customs duty and erection cost.

Car and Household

We cover all motor vehicles and household contents from loss, damage, accidents, theft, fire and third party claims.

Farm and crop insurance

Farm and crop insurance covers all seasonal and specific production risks from the whole or part of one’s crop to damage or loss caused by fire, hail, wind, frost, excessive rain, explosions and earthquakes.

Livestock insurance may also be specified as an additional item.

Good in Transit

Goods in transit insurance covers transported cargo against loss of or damage to goods that are transported. Raw materials, manufactured and traded goods, third party goods, ropes, chains, covers, packaging material used for the stock may also be insured together with loss, damage, explosion, fires caused by nature, accidental and malicious damage.

Additional items may be added on such as loss or damage caused by theft, countries outside of South Africa, deterioration of refrigerated stock.